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Space Petroleum: Service, Coverage Area, and Products

Our services include petroleum logistics, fuel supply contracts, rack allocations and distribution, and keep-full programs. Space Petroleum provides fuel in 9 states and Washington DC. States include Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

We offer a variety of fuel products including:

  • ULSD (standard on-road diesel)
  • DULSD (standard off-road diesel)
  • NRLM (locomotive and marine diesel)
  • FO (heating oil)
  • K1 (clear kerosene)
  • DK1 (dyed kerosene)
  • ULSK (ultra low sulfur or on-road kerosene)
  • Regular, mid-grade and super gasoline
  • All grades of biodiesel

All products are subject to laws and availability of the region in which they are delivered.
At this time, Space Petroleum does not supply any type of fuel used in racing or aviation.

MSDS for above listed products are available anytime by calling the office or filling out this form.

Have questions about gas, diesel or biofuels?
Contact Space Petroleum!