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Space Petroleum: Tank Charts

Knowing the amount of fuel on hand is imperative, but putting all your trust into a gauge is not wise. In large tanks (10,000 gallons and higher) a sophisticated electronic monitoring device is often in use; in smaller tanks the monitoring system is a simple network of metal rods and a floatation device. The most accurate way to truly know the volume is to ‘stick’ the tank. Simply place a straight stick into the tank and measure the inches. Compare your measurement against the appropriate chart below to get an accurate reading of fuel volume on hand.

Key things to know: Tanks are filled to a 90% capacity, so a 550 tank shouldn’t have more than 500 gallons in it at any given time. Petroleum products such as gasoline and diesel expand and contract related to the temperature, leaving a 10% buffer zone to help prevent spills.

Tank Charts

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